Boston Exosome Hub

Boston Exosome Hub The CERES team will be presenting at the NIH's 2021 annual Liquid Biopsy Consortium steering committee meeting this coming week. We'll be highlighting a few members of the Boston Exosome Hub including the Lee/Castro Lab, the Balaj/Carter Lab, and Dr. Johan Skog of Exosome Diagnostics. Boston has been an "ExoHub" for exosome research since the 2008 publication of the discovery of exosomes being shed from glioblastoma tumors and intercellular transmission of exosomal RNA. The community of exosome researchers has now greatly enlarged in Boston and worldwide. Exosomes In addition, to the Boston team, we will hear from a great lineup of experts in liquid biopsy including a session on:

Liquid Biopsy: From Bench to Commercialization
  • Division Director: Philip Castle, MPH, PhD, Division of Cancer Prevention, NCI

  • Chief, CBRG: Sudhir Srivastava, MPH, PhD, Division of Cancer Prevention,NCI

  • Program Introduction: Lynn Sorbara, PhD, Division of Cancer Prevention, NCI

  • Nick Papadopoulas, PhD – Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Abhijit Patel, MD, PhD – Yale University. “Liquid Biopsy for the Detection of Cancer: From Bench to Clinical Application”

  • Richard Cote, MD – Washington University School of Medicine. “Toward the Translation of Circulating Tumor Cells into Clinically Actionable Biomarkers”

  • Johan Skog, PhD – CSO, Exosome Diagnostic, “Current Synergies of Liquid Biopsies, a Multi-analyte Approach to Early Detection”

  • Charles “Buck” Strom MD, PhD – CEO, Liquid Diagnostics

  • Plenary Keynote: Victor E. Velculescu MD, PhD Johhs Hopkins University School of Medicine